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Groundbreaking agriculture to change the future

It is our firm belief that a qualitative change in the world is possible throughout the critical use of technologies. This is what inspires us to create groundbreaking products that will make a quantum leap for innovation in the agricultural field.


Weed control without the use of agrochemicals


Real-time data collection of the field


Production of precise maps


International patent for weed control

GBOT platform

GBOT is an autonomous robot that controls weeds without the need of agrochemicals. The use of intelligent sensors allows it to collect data in the field and produce precise maps of it.

GBOT is a mobile laboratory unit that fully benefits from its presence in the field to collect data such as soil moisture, atmospheric pressure, pH, salinity, temperature and soil compaction. What makes this possible is that GBOT is in the field and in contact with both the soil and the crops. On the basis of the high quality information it collects, we are able to create maps that apply to precise agriculture.

About Us

GBOT was born as a Mapplics Mobile Solutions, project. Mapplics Mobile Solutions is a company dedicated to the development of innovative software since 2008.

In 2018, Javier Epeloa (Phd Electronic Engineer with experience on electronic instrument development applied to precision agriculture, meteorology and renewable energies) partenered with the team.

We started working in IoT technology because we were determined to create an innovation area in our company.

Our very first project within this area was the creation of meteorological stations that monitor relevant variables such as humidity and temperature. In addition to that, they have the capacity to forecast frosts thanks to an algorithm developed by our team of professionals. This technology has been implemented in intensive cultivation (more specifically in blueberries cultivation.)

After succeeding in this project, we started working in the development of new solutions. Our first idea was to control weed throughout electromagnetic waves and, after a long collaborative work with CITES, we managed to develop a robot that allows weed control by using different alternative methods.


Our team
Juan Ignacio Mandolesi

Juan Ignacio Mandolesi

Founder - COO

Sergio Esteban Gregori

Sergio Esteban Gregori

Founder - CIO

Nicolas Alberto Santinelli

Nicolas Alberto Santinelli

Experimental development and investigation

PhD  Javier Eduardo Epeloa

PhD Javier Eduardo Epeloa

Founder - CTO Hardware

PhD Ezequiel Manavela Chiapero

PhD Ezequiel Manavela Chiapero

Development Consultant CITES SGS


Since 2016, the “Programa Nacional de Emprendedores para el Desarrollo Sustentable (PROESUS)” (Enterpreneur National Programme for Sustainable Development) of the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development in Argentina, sponsors a National Competitive Bidding PROESUS. This is an initiative to identify and empower sustainable projects that provide innovative trends to solve environmental issues present in Argentina.
We have received PROESUS mention in #ConcursoEmprendimientosInnovadoresBancoNación for promoting sustainability and environmental care

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