Autonomous terrestrial platforms for high throughput phenotyping

In Gbot, we have created a new tool that allows the characterization of crops in detail. In order to do so, three technologies have been combined: robotics, to automate data collection, artificial intelligence, to develop models capable of obtaining RGB images and precise information about numerous profitable crop traits and big data, which allows us to manage vast amounts of information.

The AI in a Gbot Seed platform

We have developed a groundbreaking system composed of integrated sensors and a Deep Learning model capable of measuring the number of soybean pods per experimental plot with a ± 10 accuracy. In soybean, the number of pods is a trait closely related to the yield.

Management of the information collected

Gbot has also come up with a system for users to find all the information of the characterized experimental plots as digital content. This system consists of a website and an app that work independently from the autonomous terrestrial platform and can be used for manual data collection.

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